Manawatu Archery Club hosted the National Indoor Championships for the first time as a single venue event in September 2012. In 2011, it was held simultaneously in Palmerston North and Dunedin.  This is the view in the B & M Ballroom before the first end was shot.

Club Venues

Outdoor Range

The Club's outdoor range is situated on Totara Road near the Riverdale Scout Hall. If you drive down the little alleyway leading to a number of associations, you will find our range straight in front of you at the back of the alleyway. On shooting day our flag will be flying above the range, indicating that shooting is in progress. Our shooting line can accommodate up to 13 targets or 39 archers and allows shooting distance of up to 90m.

For full details, see our location on Google Maps.

Riverdale Scout Hall

The Riverdale Scout Hall is now used as our club's room. The Scout Hall can also be used for shooting at short range (up to 13m) and do paper tuning. It is also usually where we hold our [node:13] sessions.

Barber Hall

The Barber Hall offers us a warm, well-lit, 18m indoor shooting range for practice.

Barber Hall is attached to (formerly known as Arena Manawatu) in the Palmerston North CBD. To find the front door use Google Maps to find Waldegrave Street. Enter the Waldegrave Street carpark. The hall entrance is the left hand of the two large doors at the centre of the carpark.