Manawatu Archery Club hosted the National Indoor Championships for the first time as a single venue event in September 2012. In 2011, it was held simultaneously in Palmerston North and Dunedin.  This is the view in the B & M Ballroom before the first end was shot.

Important Club Information

Club Membership Rules
Here are the latest versions of other club documents. All members should be aware of our club rules, and our privacy act and disclaimer.

Club Membership Fees
Our membership year is from 1st October - 30th September. Please contact our secretary to get a copy of the current membership form, or you can find it here.

Membership Categories

  • Junior: Not yet eighteen years old at time of joining. Junior members may not hold club keys.
  • Student: Full-time attendee of a tertiary institution. Committee discretion may apply for part-time students.
  • Family: At least three members residing at the same address in a family arrangement. May include non-shooting members. Committee discretion may apply.
  • Senior: Individual shooters who do not fall into any of the above categories.
  • Non-Shooting: Full member, except may not shoot at the club facilities. Non-Shooting members eighteen years or older may hold club keys where deemed appropriate by the committee.
  • Associate: May shoot up to six times a year at the club range without paying range fees. May represent the club at competitive events. May wear club uniform. Associate members may not hold club keys.

Access to Keys
Keys to the scout hall are available to committee members, and to other senior and/or non-shooting members where necessary and appropriate. Committee approval is required for the distribution of keys. A $15 (refundable) deposit is also required. Generally, you will not need a key, as most of the key holders tend to arrive early and leave late for shooting practice sessions.

Ad hoc fees
For non-members shooting with us we change a small fee to cover the cost of replacing targets. During the indoor (winter) season, we are often need to cover additional location charges.

  • Visitor Target fees: $5 butt fees per indoor/outdoor session for non-members that are members of another archery club.
  • Casual Shooter fees: $5 butt fees & $5 range fee per indoor/outdoor session for shooters that are not members of any club.
  • Indoor Season fees: Winter shooting may involve additional fees. Please contact the club Secretary for more information.