Manawatu Archery Club hosted the National Indoor Championships for the first time as a single venue event in September 2012. In 2011, it was held simultaneously in Palmerston North and Dunedin.  This is the view in the B & M Ballroom before the first end was shot.

Shooting Timetable

Here is a listing of our regular club shooting times, for both the summer and the winter...

All year round:

With the exception of competitions the club holds at times, every Sunday morning all year round between 0900 and 1200 is a club shooting time (technically rain or shine).

2017 Winter timetable (~April to ~August):

We hold an indoor session nearly every Thursday evening at the Barber Hall, as per the dates listed below:

Date Start time End time Date Start time End time
6-Apr-17 1815 1945 15-Jun-17 1815 1945
13-Apr-17 1815 1945 22-Jun-17 1815 1945
20-Apr-17 1815 1945 29-Jun-17 1815 1945
27-Apr-17 1815 1945 6-Jul-17 1815 1945
4-May-17 1815 1945 13-Jul-17 1815 1945
11-May-17 no shooting no shooting 20-Jul-17 1815 1945
18-May-17 1815 1945 27-Jul-17 1815 1945
25-May-17 1815 1945 3-Aug-17 1815 1945
1-Jun-17 no shooting no shooting 10-Aug-17 1815 1945
8-Jun-17 no shooting no shooting 14-Aug-17 1800 2030

Note: 14-Aug-17 is a Monday.

Summer timetable (~October to ~April):

This will be available soon as we move into the summer outdoor season....