Manawatu Archery Club hosted the National Indoor Championships for the first time as a single venue event in September 2012. In 2011, it was held simultaneously in Palmerston North and Dunedin.  This is the view in the B & M Ballroom before the first end was shot.

Club Membership

The information for club membership for 2017/2018 is shown below in brief.

29th October 2017 update - The membership link is now live at:

member type 1st October 1st January 1st April 1st July
Senior $120.00 $90.00 $60.00 $30.00
Junior (up to the ages of 20) $70.00 $52.50 $35.00 $17.50
Family (at least 3 members) $290.00 $217.50 $145.00 $72.50
Student (ID # required) $95.00 $71.25 $47.50 $23.75

Note: The above fees now do not include WAA Membership. If you want to become a member of WAA, and pay at the same time as the club fees, please tick the box on the Google form.

Other membership types:
Non-shooting member is $15 at any time throughout the year.
Associate member is $30 at any time throughout the year - but only entitled to 6 shoots per year.

Banking details – Westpac 03-1519-0033700-000

We prefer payment by internet banking, please reference payment with your name & current membership number (if applicable).

Further information on the various MAC membership types can be found at the Club Information page.